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Serious Sam Levels

Follow the links below to view various levels I have designed and built in a 3D world editor package. These particular ones were created whilst working as games designer for Climax Development.

The levels were made for the online deathmatch version of the game Serious Sam - Next Encounter developed for the Playstation2 and published by Rockstar games.

Egypt Flight Neo-Tokyo Venice


Counter-Strike Levels

Another map created for the Half-life mod Counter-Strike. This map is very unfinished at this point as the layout is yet to be totally finalised as is the lighting and texture work.

The map is currently on rotation on the -=|LD50|=- clan Counter-strike server, which can be found here

Grab it here to save downloading it from the server in game

De_maya_beta1 download



A proposal for a game I am writing in my spare time. The concept is a based on the idea of a morally ambiguous semi-immortal character colliding with historic events over the course of several millennia. (cheers Sam ^^) It's still a work in progress.

Grab the doc here



Kidz Next Door

A proposal for a game based on the "Kidz Next Door" cartoon series. The game was pitched at an audience of 8-12 year olds. Written by myself around November 2003. (2.8M pdf format file, requires Adobe Reader)

Grab the doc here


To Do

To be added - loads more maps I have made, some avi's of games I have worked on. Various game design documents, proposal docs and other pitch work.